Tools & Brushes

Tools and Brushes, artistry has no limits!

With the right tools and brushes, anyone can be an artist. Dare to blend without fear and discover your artistic flow. Black Swallow makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. You can also find a large variety of vegan makeup brushes from the biggest brands across the globe.

Makeup Brushes- Animal or vegan? Which is better?
For many years, animal hair makeup brushes were regarded as the holy grail industry brushes for all professional makeup artists. However, in recent years, technology has improved and we are now seeing high-quality synthetic makeup brushes that look like the real deal. Each synthetic fiber can be carefully crafted to look like actual animal hair. We now live in a world where we as a society have become more educated and aware of animal cruelty and environmentally friendly movements.
Natural brushes are usually made from squirrels, horses, or goats. Animal hairs have cuticles which are great for picking up product pigment and powders. This is great as it reduces the amount of product wastage and blends smoothly.
Synthetic brushes are usually made of soft synthetic or nylon bristles. Unlike natural brushes, synthetic bristles do not have the cuticle so it does not absorb pigment and powder well. This makes them perfect for liquid and cream products such as foundation, concealer, and liquid blush. In recent years some manufacturers have been able to improve on their technology, creating makeup brushes that are now great for powder pigment cosmetic use. So if you’re environmentally conscious and you’re after the highest quality makeup brushes but you prefer them to be vegan, we’ve got you covered.
Black Swallow makeup brushes are strictly vegan and cruelty-free. The brush hairs are made of the highest quality synthetic fibers that are available. If you hold a Black Swallow synthetic makeup brush up against another brush that is made from natural animal hair, you will be shaken because you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.
There is a bonus for choosing synthetic makeup brushes. When you wash your brushes, the fibers will not flare out or lose their shape. Misshaping is common amongst makeup brushes made from real animal hair. There is also more control consistency in creating synthetic brushes.

Makeup Tools

Black Swallow has all the makeup tools you need to have your makeup tool kit complete.
Whether you are a professional or beginner MUA, there are some staple makeup tools that are a must. Here are some must-haves for everyone who wears makeup: eyelash tweezer, eyelash curler, eyelash applicator, eyebrow tweezer, facial razor, and of course, a high-quality set of makeup brushes.

Black Swallow Makeup Brushes
Black Swallow professional makeup brushes are loved by beginners and professional MUA's globally. They are handcrafted using the highest grade of synthetic antimicrobial fibers, with anti-shedding properties. Each brush has been carefully designed and developed with leading industry experts. This line of professional brushes has been engineered to better control, apply and blend cosmetic products flawlessly without over-absorbing. With a stable copper ferrule, sturdy wood handle, and the softest premium vegan fibers, Black Swallow brushes can withstand any product formula, frequent brush care, and years of blending!

Cleaning Black Swallow makeup brushes

Wet the bristles with lukewarm water
Apply a drop of brush cleaner into the palm of your hand, or sweep the brush over solid brush soap to create a lather (Avoid wetting the ferrule.)
Massage the tip of the bristles into your palm or swirl it on a silicone cleaning pad
Rinse thoroughly
Gently squeeze out any excess water with a clean towel
Reform brush head back to its original shape
Allow the brush to dry with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, or handle suspended into the air (For health and hygiene purposes, do not allow brushes to dry on a moist towel).
Wash brushes regularly. Once a week for face brushes, and once a fortnight for eye brushes.

Wash before use recommended.

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