Haircare actually is important.

Welcome to Haircare 101!
Do you often wonder why some people can have silky bleached blonde hair for many years, while others end up with snappage, dry and damaged hair after the first round of bleach?

The secret is in the product, shhh!
Did you know that hair acts like a sponge? Hair can literally absorb oil from water, so whatever products you’re applying to your hair, will be absorbed!

Using a good shampoo and conditioner
Using a good shampoo and conditioner can be life-changing. Of course, it’s easy to grab a couple of bottles from your local supermarket, but keep in mind that not all shampoos were made equally. Some shampoo and conditioners contain harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens and the list goes on.
There is also a large variety of different types of shampoo so how do you know what’s best for you?
For starters, you should start by addressing the issues you have with your hair,
Do you have dry and damaged hair? Find a shampoo and conditioner that has restructuring and rehydrating properties.
If you’ve got hair that feels like it’s drenched in oil, find a shampoo that targets the scalp.
If your hair colour is fading too fast, it’s probably because you’re using a regular shampoo that is stripping out the colour. Try a colour safe shampoo or a colour depositing hair mask.
A good conditioner won’t weigh the hair down or make your scalp feeling oily.

Bleaching and colouring your hair
It’s true what they say about blonde hair, it really is high maintenance.
Bleach is very damaging to the hair follicles and often causes split ends and breakages,
Olaplex is like having insurance for your hair. It allows you to break the blonde hair boundaries, allowing you to reach lighter shades of blonde without damage. Never bleach your hair without Olaplex in your routine. Ensure your hairdresser is always using Olaplex 1 and Olaplex 2 during the service.
Olaplex 3 is a take-home treatment that you should be using religiously. There is no other product quite like Olaplex. The secret ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, patented and exclusive to Olaplex.
If you love the vibrant pink, green, blue or rainbow coloured hair, you will need to upkeep the colours by using a colouring mask.
Always use gloves when applying colouring masks as they can stain

Styling with heating tools
Black Swallow stocks the biggest brands in styling tools.
GHD, Cloud Nine, Parlux, Mermade, Silverbullet, Gamma +, Babylisspro are the classics.
But have you heard of the L'Oréal professional Steampod 3.0?
The Steampod is a revolutionary steam straightener with innovative technology that uses the combination and power of heat and steam to straighten hair.
WIth 78% less damage, 2x faster and 2x smoother, the L'Oréal professional Steampod 3.0 is fast becoming a cult favourite.

Popular brands at Black Swallow
Olaplex - Known for their patented bond rebuilding technology
Fanola - Most pigmented ultra violet No Yellow shampoo for blonde hair
Pureology - Vegan, zero sulphates and holds no nasties
Muk - A crowd favourite, performance-driven hair care made for everyone
De Lorenzo - A brand that is vegan, cruelty-free and continues to work towards sustainability efforts. Developing high-quality products since 1987
Evo- Industry leaders in high performing haircare
Manic Panic- The original colour fantasy known for ultra-pigmented temporary colour
Pravana- Loved by professional hair colourists worldwide for their vibrant permanent hair colours
Moroccanoil- The pioneers in oil-infused hair care, changing the way hair products are formulated in the industry
Natural look- Loved by thousands for their range of high performing products
CPR Vitafive- If your hair is in need of urgent rescue, this is for you
Loreal- Loved and trusted by millions of people worldwide. Creators of innovative hair care based on research, delivering safe and affordable products for all to love